About Us

Am Cosie, living healthy with you


To become a paragon of healthy living and healthy lifestyle.


Am Cosie promotes healthy living and lifestyle. Our website provides health related information and health service information such as various quality spa & massage businesses, fitness businesses, healthy activities, to let everyone easily discover a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

About Our Major Product

Our herbal products are made of Thai herbs that are grown in specific area in Thailand only; one of them is called Wan-Sao-Long, an original Thai herb. The ingredients are grown under strict supervision, and are carefully selected by our specialists and harvested in the traditional farming locations to provide comforting aromas during inhalation. We guarantee for genuine and quality products that are 100% natural, no chemical added, and product of Thailand.

As most of us could get tired and stress from heavy workload, or experience muscle pain from exercises, the authentic aroma from one of our major Thai herbs “Wan-Sao-Long” could ease tension as well as alleviate all stress and strains, while the ingredients soothe muscular pains, shoulder pain, neck pain, internal discomfort and help to get an easy sleep. 

Certified & Tested Product

Am Cosie’s herbal pillows had undergone traceability testing of China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC-THAI), and affixed the CCIC commodity traceability label on each product to ensure that the commodity is truly produce in Thailand. 

Additionally, the Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Centre (IQTC) conducted a toxic and hazardous substances testing, the results show that the product does not contain any toxic and hazardous substances. 



Our Concern 

We understand the importance of being healthy, and the effort we have to put to live healthily is often quite difficult. Here, Am Cosie would like to become your personal health buddy, help you take care of yourself and people you love by providing convenient and easy to use products and services. 

We care for our health, especially the feeling and good health of our love ones, now we would like to invite you to become our buddy, let us look after your stress and pain, so please give ourselves a chance to know each other better!