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Fight Hard Fitness brand concept is based on alchemy and its “Fire, Water, Earth” elements. Through the ingenuity design and calculation of our team, we aim to input different types of sports energy and characteristics into everyone’s unique yet healthy fitness equation. 

Customers can depend on their own formulas to build up their fitness skills, self-confidence as well as courage to make their life an endless supply of positive energy.

To further enhance customers’ the most fashionable, innovative and enjoyable fitness experience, Fight Hard Fitness have unveiled its brand new 8000sqft.
Hong Kong’s first Energy Therapy Studio in the heart of Causeway Bay. 


Integrating the “Delicacy and Force” into our architectural design concept, the studio used high level of contrastto separate studio into three distinctive fitness areas for three different intensity workout levels. This creates a unique visual effect, so as to allow guests to enjoy more than the outcome of healthy fitnessbut visually attend to the important features of the environment.


Causeway Bay: 20/F, Soundwill Plaza 2-Midtown, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

TEL: 3955 8050

Fortress Hill: 1/F, United Building, 145 King’s Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

TEL: 2603 6188

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am-11pm

Saturday to Sunday: 9am-9pm


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